On Nature

Nature's Nourishment   Source: Pamela L. Field 

Nature's Nourishment

Source: Pamela L. Field 

Deer At Dawn

Three deer in a wheatfield
Stood startled and still
As the cool, crystal dawning
Spilled over the hill.

Three heads raised to listen,
Dark eyes wide to scan
The dawn's desecrater,
Their enemy, man.

Bright dew-diamonds scattered
In ripples of wheat
Before their impromptu
Ballet of retreat. 


Wild Geese Above The Boulevard

Wild geese, what strangeness do you sense
Above the city's grey immense
Buildings that tear apart your sky,
Lights that lure and terrify,
Noise that obliterates your cry?

Below and small, the wingless cars
Swim back and forth, like earth-caught stars,
Seeking a destination shown
By lights and signs you've never known,
While you, without a guiding spark,
Unerringly across the dark
Follow the path your impulse knows
Fleeing the imminence of snows.